Monday, August 3, 2009

Windermere Stats as of August 1, 2009

Windermere is located in Southwest Orlando and nestled between numerous large lakes that form the Butler Chain of Lakes. Windermere was established in 1889 and works hard to maintain that small town feel. For instance, many local streets are still dirt roads. Windermere has expanded to include newer subdivisions such as Lakes of Windermere, Keene’s Pointe, Summerport, and Glenmuir. Below is a snapshot of the current state of the market in Windermere.

As of August 1, 2009 there are currently 591 properties listed in the MLS ranging in price from a two bedroom/two bathroom condominium in The Lakes of Windermere at $89,000 (Short Sale) to $12.5 Million estate home in Islesworth that is 9 bedrooms/8 bathrooms over 10,000 square feet. Here is the breakdown:

ACTIVE = 591:  118 are pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned (making up 20% of the inventory).
530 TOTAL: 82 are pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned  

61 TOTAL: 36 are pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned

PENDING = 190: 131 are pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned, making up 69% of the pending inventory.
153 TOTAL: 108 are pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned  

37 TOTAL: 23 are pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned

SOLD (July 2nd to August 1st)= 46: 26 are pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned, making up 56% of the pending inventory.
44 TOTAL: 25 pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned  

2 TOTAL: 1 are pre-foreclosure/short sales/bank-owned

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