Thursday, May 28, 2009

Real estate pros push for better short sales

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. – May 11, 2009 – As anybody who has dealt with one knows, short sales should be renamed “long sales.” But that could be changing.
One of the real estate professionals leading the charge to revamp the short-sale process is George K. Wonica, owner of Wonica Real Estate & Appraisals on Long Island, N.Y., and chair of the National Association of Realtors® Conventional Finance and Lending Committee.
Wonica already has met with 10 mortgage bankers and servicers in Florida to address the problem, and plans a similar meeting this summer in Las Vegas. He points to the uniform short-sale form developed by the California Association of Realtors as an example of what the industry needs.
Short sales appear to be good for both banks and buyers. A study by Connecticut-based Clayton Holdings Inc. showed lenders from May to October 2008 lost an average 37 percent through short sales versus 56 percent on homes sold after foreclosure.
Lenders recognize this and are trying to speed up the process. David Knight, a senior vice president at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, says, “We think (a) short sale is superior to foreclosure … A short sale is not a bad deal all around.”
Additional liens are often the big holdup, but there could be progress on that front. In April, Bank of America, a major holder of second liens, announced that it would accept 5 percent of sale proceeds after real estate commissions and other costs on short sales. Previously, it had sought 10 percent.
Source: Inman News, Gilbert Mohtes-Chan (05/07/2009)
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