Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a few steps to help sell your home…

1. Look at your home through the buyers eyes.
2. Visit open houses in your neighborhood. Are similar homes priced lower? Selling prices may have dropped since your first comparative market analysis. You want to stay ahead of the competition. If you do lower your asking price, consider a figure slightly below those of other comparable homes if you are interested in a speedy sale.
3. Don’t be present for the showings. The presence of sellers can make it difficult for prospective buyers to take their time or talk openly with their partner and agent.
4. Ask your Realtor to talk to other buyer agents that have shown your home. The feedback from their clients can guide you in making home repairs, toning down your décor, making landscaping improvements and the like.
5. Neutralize your color scheme. Most buyers prefer pale, neutral colors that make it easier to imagine a new home as their own.
6. Take every offer seriously! Determine the lowest price you find acceptable, and consider anything more as icing on the cake. In a longstanding dry market you may even have to sell at a loss. You don't want to alienate a potential buyer who has solid financing because you've set your sights unrealistically high.
If you are thinking of selling, we would me more than happy to provide you a market analysis of what the properties are selling for. There are some great websites out there, but we can give you up to the date information on which properties are selling and for how much.
We look forward to assisting you.